Lesley Isaacson - Yoga Instructor

Zoom Classes Schedule

Tuesday – 11.00am
Tuesday – 20.00pm
Thursday 10:00am
Friday – 9.45am

All classes 90 minutes.

If you are currently attending any of my classes, please complete the health questionnaire here and send back to me. Any earlier submissions will be destroyed. Online copies only henceforth.

Yoga session


£10.00 one class per week
£18.00 for 2 classes
£24 for 3

2 members of the same household practicing together £18.00

For further details, email: lesisaacson@aol.com

Need to relax?

Download this relaxation recording and take time to unwind, release and breathe in the comfort of your own home. 

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Speech Marks

After more than a decade of attending Lesley’s classes, she never fails to keep them interesting and consistently delivers a lot more than just a physical practice… Lesley’s classes have led me to train as a yoga teacher and kept me inspired and grounded in my own teaching… Lesley has an amazing skill at teaching exactly what each student needs, challenging us but never pushing us beyond our capacity…I leave each week feeling completely renewed and truly treasure the time spent in this group.

– Jodi E, Ruislip Speech Right